meraki. (v) to do something with soul, creativity or love; to put something of yourself into your work.

Originality to me requires the courage to let go of certainties, to trust your natural instinct, to warrant the peculiar and pursue the unknown.

People always ask “Why bLANk?

bLANk in my eyes is paper with no lines. It accepts indulgences into a delirium of creative imagination; a white page offers that of growth, liberty and scope, it welcomes the unplanned and seeks to preserve visual expression. bLANk is a malleable concept that evolves unconsciously as I move forward. It is a free forming space where I don’t want to deliberately direct its aptitude but rather let it run its own course.

bLANk is the collective growth of my visual perspective and style, a platform where I can expose a part of me, where the mechanisms and imagination streaming through my mind can be communicated. abLANkblog offers me a domain literally, connected to the world, but, intrinsically offers me the world.

A blog that moves forwards and grows as I growQue Sera, Sera – Whatever will be, will be.




  1. I love this idea(: you are so cool! You instagram pictures are beautiful (:

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