*To find out more about Stained Pomegranate Seeds [PS] click here.

AWIR 1 [A week in review] Starting Nutritional Medicine (BHS) to my new vintage bike and chuck in a sprouting salad! 

Weak is no longer an option – Photo shoot 24/2/2013

AWIR 2 [A week in review] Watermelon Juice Bowls to Raw Vegan Bliss at Monk Bodhi Dharma and representing Melbourne’s first Cold Pressed Juicery on Broadsheet

Opportunity exposes it self – Kinfolk at Kinfolk

The wonders of a lemon, a FROZEN lemon at that! 

What’s in my ‘Superfood Shopping Bag’? 

What’s in my ‘Superfood Shopping Bag’ #2? 

AWIR 3 [A week in review] My obsession with buckwheat granola continues to soar with even bigger raw salad bowls and a few little easter treats!

AWIR 4 [A week in review] A week of long work days, The Finders Keepers Market with sunsets and warm banana bread, building box forts and fermenting kimchi, sprouting buckwheat and wrapping rice paper rolls! 

Melbourne’s First Cold Pressed Juices Store – Pressed Juices – Clarity of Mind, Purity of Body 

AWIR 5 [A week in review] A cheers to bLANk & homemade tropical ice cream in coconut bowls, fluorescent Elderflower Van Dieman jars, bon voyage tarts, life changing bread, ‘pasta’  & pancakes, the Lyall’s gift and exploding pistachio & cranberry biscuits!

Healthy & delicious Harvest Box…because everyone is a little bit nutty!

AWIR 6 [A week in review] World trip deposits, deep sunsets, health shot concoctions to good vibes and jars of everything good, the crunchiest kale chips to model making and popping veins!

Sticks, jars, apothecary bottles and chlorophyl [Styling & Photography by Casey Trebilcock]

AWIR 7 [A week in review] All that needs to be said for this week is 2.5 days in Byron Bay…

‘My Muesli’s’ Gluten Free Bride

A wedding in the Valley – I do, I do…[A Photo Story]

The Super Cool’est’ Mobile Emporium to date!

Educaring Africa – He is a 21 year old Melbourne Journalist with his own charity…

Food is the new black – Vogue Issue 09

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